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Chrysalis Faux Finishing Inc.
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Chrysalis Furniture Gallery
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built-in before artwork & gilding
Linda Morgans Interiors project,Soft antiquing glaze and clear coat
Kelly Gale  Amen Designs project ,vanity revived with stunning metallic's and glazes, On of a kind.
gilding & artwork complete!
worn paint finish Island project
master bedroom built-in before our work.
master bedroom built-in after our work
Headboard before Faux work .
Headboard after artwork, and ready for the upholstered center.
Kelly Gale Amen Designs project,Faux slate window frame & casement to match , real slate walls.
sky & iron work mural
Kelly Gale Amen Designsproject, gilded & aged side table project.
worn painted vanity after
vanity before
Kelly Gale Amen Designs project, 4 foot X 5 foot wall mirror textured and aged up
4' x 4' Gilded mirror frame close-up
4' x 4' gilded mirror frame in progrss